New The Haunting of You Synth Loop/Sample pack now avialble

The Haunting of You loop/sample pack made with real analog synth! Use the programed drums, lead arpeggios, bass tones or, my personal favorite, the one shot pads. Put one of the one shot pads in a sampler, assign the root to the note in the file name, and then just play cinematic pads as if the synth was at your own fingertips!

Check out this twitch stream where Mozie and BoVice play around with some of the sounds:

Jared Aguirre is a talented artist of all stripes.  Here he offers pieces of his truly original sound.  Follow Jared on Instagram @thehauntingofyou

This pack includes:

6 Analog synth drum beats (which is actually more like 12 because there are differing beats in one single file)

5 Melody bass synth loops

3 Melody lead synth loops

10 harmonizing pad one shots with note name so that you can just place the sample adjust the root note to the sample and begin playing some of the signature lush cinematic sounds from The Haunting of You.

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