Bass Guitar Slides


A simple but amazing way to lead into another chord, phrase, theme etc, of a piece of music, is to use what’s called dynamics.  Glissando is the theoretical term for gliding from one note to another.  String instruments have the ability to do this better than just about any instrument.  In this particular situation we recorded 11 slides from one note to another on a bass guitar.  You hear this dynamic used across all genres including modern electronic music.  Use these loops on a part instead of automating the pitch bend on the sub bass and it will add an analog tone to the layer breathing a little life into what can easily be a very digital sound.  If there isn’t a two note combination in this pack that fits with your key, easily pitch shift either note.  It’s feel you’re looking for here.  We’ll have many more releasing at a later date, including varying dynamic concepts.  Contact us for any questions on the many ways to use this sort of sample.

Performed by Greg Lancaster and sound design by Charlton Moore



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