music video


Vibey piece we’re working on for Bennett Watson Composer/Producer: Charlton Moore

FLight Lesson

New music from our newest contributor Bovice Productions with Charlton Moore on guitar


New guitar based tune from Michael Francis and Charlton Moore The panned guitars are why Charlton love two takes of the same part. The minor inconsistencies make it sound wide and entertaining.

Dash Cam piano score

After finding some cool dash cam footage of snow falling, Charlton decided to put together a quick score. We would give you a reason, but do you really need one?\ Contributors: Charlton Moore


A preview of an exciting roots piece named “WALDEINSAMKEIT”, featuring prominent use of dobro and acoustic guitar. Contributors: Charlton Moore and Michael Francis


A snippet of our instrumental track “Sunset”. This piece began with the initial guitar progression and was built it out from there. Synth, drums, electric and acoustic guitar layers, bass guitar and analog sub are all including in the production. Contributors: Charlton Moore and Michael Francis

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