Get a free quote for any custom audio project! Original, in-house made to order services include, but are not limited to: samples, loops, single instrumentation, multi-instrumentation, scoring for film, advertising, video games, etc.

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Why pick and choose stock audio samples that millions of others are using when you can have content tailor made specifically for your needs? We offer royalty free audio, as well as simple licensing options. Submit your inquiry below in as much detail as possible, and we will determine a reasonable price, and turn around time.

  • All custom made to order audio gives you exclusive use! We reserve the right to use anything made for you for promotional purposes ONLY!
  • Up to 5 revisions and basic production coaching comes with every purchase!
  • Multi-structured Multi instrumental beat or song – Inquire for an accurate quote.
  • Anything that goes beyond these services can and will be done but pricing will be quoted after consulting the full details of the project. Inquire in the form below.
One Shot Sample of a single instrument.


Up to an 8 bar loop of a single instrument


Up to 8 bars of a multi-instrument arrangement of your choosing.


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