Writing Music To Video

Writing music to video refers to the practice of composing new music that has been written to complement a visual medium like a movie, TV show, or video game. It’s not easy to get the score just right for a film or TV show, as it needs to serve not only the visuals but also

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When it comes to getting paid for their work, songwriters, composers, and music publishers need the help of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), a performance rights organization. ASCAP was founded in 1914, making it a historic institution among US performing rights organizations. Some of the most well-known names in the music business

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Modern Music Licensing

The licensing of musical works is a crucial part of the music business, and it has evolved greatly in the digital age and with the advent of streaming services. There are benefits and drawbacks to the current system of music licensing, which is very different from the licensing of decades past. The transition to digital

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Modern Film Score

In recent years, electronic and experimental elements have been included into current cinema soundtrack composition, replacing the more typical orchestral arrangements. This change has resulted in some fascinating and original soundtracks, but it has also caused some worry for the future of cinema scores featuring orchestral music. The use of electronic and experimental elements in

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Overtone Series

The overtone series, or harmonic series, is a progression of natural frequencies related to a fundamental frequency in whole-number ratios. If you listen to a musical chord or sound, the lowest and most dominant tone is the fundamental frequency, and the higher-pitched tones are the overtones. Physics relies heavily on the overtone series to describe

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Unhappy Halloween

Our Halloween piece this year comes from Wes Murdock and Charlton Moore! Stream it here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5I8gjjskvkPpL0N0BrrvkR?si=657ea63650804abb Our Halloween piece this year comes from Wes Murdock! This quirky tune was so fun to make. Halloween is Wes’s personal favorite holiday and literally walked into the studio in costume to write and record this song! This song

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A new piece featuring three contributors. This piece will be on Volume 4! Wes Murdock – Guitar BoVice – Composition/Keys/Production Charlton Moore – Production/sound design

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New guitar based tune from Michael Francis and Charlton Moore The panned guitars are why Charlton love two takes of the same part. The minor inconsistencies make it sound wide and entertaining.

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Bad Luck Brian

We wanted a piece with a arpeggiated synth and this sound we designed felt perfect for it. Charlton Moore – Keys/Production/Sound Design Michael Francis – Drums/Production/Guitar

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Halloween based piece featuring The Haunting of You (Jared Aguirre) on synth, Michael Francis on guitar and production, Daniel Schafer on drums and Charlton Moore on Piano and sound design. Shout out to Rhonda Moore for the cool footage.

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Ride Off

Folk rock based instrumental. Rhythm guitar, drums and bass by Michael Francis Lead guitar by Chi McClean Production, sound design and piano by Charlton Moore

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An instrumental that was selected for Songtradr’s featured playlist for September 19′ Keys/Production/Sound Design by Charlton Moore Guitars/Bass/Drums by Michael Francis

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Trap Hop Beat

Showcasing what you can do with some of our Tonal Autonomy sample content, this preview features samples from both our guitar based sample pack, and our “That’s What I Call 808’s” sample pack. Contributors: Charlton Moore and Fibonacci Beatz

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Tonal Autonomy Promo

While not especially lengthy, this is our most exciting piece to date due to the contribution of so many different members of the Tonal Autonomy team. Charlton on piano, Daniel on drums, Greg on guitar and bass, and Fibonacci Beatz with the trap beat and 808 production. Contributors: Charlton Moore, Daniel Schafer, Greg Lancaster and

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Trailer Score

Initially written and performed for a movie trailer score, this instrumental piece features a pensive and pondering piano piece, surrounded by swirling volume swells, and ambient instrumentation. Contributors: Charlton Moore and Greg Lancaster

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Initially written and performed for a video game score, “Fin” is a unique piece born out of access to a 140 year old grand piano. Contributors: Charlton Moore

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See Me Now

Full Version of one of Tonal Autonomy’s initial tracks, “See Me Now”. This track features thick vocal layers along with pads, guitar, a subtle wood block beat and analog sub. Check it out below on Spotify, and be sure to like it and follow our page: Contributors: Charlton Moore, Michael Francis, and Rhema

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A preview of an exciting roots piece named “WALDEINSAMKEIT”, featuring prominent use of dobro and acoustic guitar. Contributors: Charlton Moore and Michael Francis



A snippet of our instrumental track “Sunset”. This piece began with the initial guitar progression and was built it out from there. Synth, drums, electric and acoustic guitar layers, bass guitar and analog sub are all including in the production. Contributors: Charlton Moore and Michael Francis

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